CANopen Diag

Hand-held CANopen Diagnostic
and Testing devices


Professional CANopen Diagnostic and Testing devices

At EmSA we provide advanced CANopen diagnostic tools: the CANopen Diag and CANopen MiniDiag hand-held devices and the automated trace log analysis software CANopen Logxaminer. In combination they offer high-end test and diagnostic functions that help shorten the test time and identify potential problems in CANopen systems.

The diagnostic functions provided by these systems cover a wide range of integration and testing tasks: they are suitable for testing single devices before their delivery as well as for testing entire systems that are build from various CANopen components. They can help with system maintenance, installing updates or be used for long-term monitoring and recording to identify bugs that only occur seldom.

On-site maintenance

The passive network overview, event list or active network scan all help a service technician to quickly see which devices are available in a network. Error history buffers can be read or firmware and software updates executed where supported by the CANopen devices.

CANopen system integrator or system builder support

The Integration of CANopen devices requires not only individual configuration of the individual devices. Once the system is build, it should be verified that no problematic issues remain. By monitoring and recording the final system test and all important events, our diagnostic solution helps to document that all required tests have been performed and no warnings or errors have been detected. The Logxaminer can produce a signed PDF test report for each test conducted.

Long-term system monitoring

Sometimes a system shows erratic behavior only when in real use for a longer time period. Here the continuous long-term recording mode (can auto-start on power up) makes recordings that later can be analyzed with the Logxaminer for potential warnings and failures.

Single-Device Test

The CANopen Test Machine mode allows implementing precisely timed, individual stress tests. During development of a CANopen node, these tests allow developers to verify early if reaction times are within the required limits.
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