CANopen Diag

Hand-held CANopen Diagnostic
and Testing devices

CANopen MiniDiag

The CANopen MiniDiag hand-held unit provides flexible and sophisticated CANopen testing. Ideal for in application testing or workshop environments.

The CANopen MinDiag devices are compact, hand-held diagnostic and test devices for CANopen networks. Being a dedicated hand-held device the CANopen MiniDiag is especially suited for in-the-field use to perform diagnostic functions directly at machinery or vehicles. A continuous logging mode collects data for later analysis, for example with our optional Logxaminer software.

CANopen Network Status Overview

The status overview provides a summary of the most important information: the number of nodes found, number of boot-up messages, current bus load, longest message burst, SDO usage and LSS usage.

For each node found: its NMT status, its min/max heartbeat, its current message rate generated and node info where available (e.g. names of Virtual Devices implemented by a device)

Important Events History

The events history is a trace of the most important network events including LSS node ID assignments, NMT commands, boot-ups, emergencies, SDO aborts, first PDO use and time since reset.

Further functions and features include 


  • Power: extern 7-30V (not included)
  • CiA447 Application Profile support
  • Active network scan
  • Single device control (NMT commands, LSS Master commands, generic SDO access)
  • Executing write/configuration sequences
  • Executing bootloader sequences to load firmware into devices
  • Recognizing Virtual Devices where supported
  • Executing CDCF (Concise Device Configuration File)

CiA 447 Tester or Gateway Simulation

The CANopen MiniDiag hand held module can be set into a CiA 447 tester mode as specified by the CiA 447 documents. Selecting this function starts a CiA 447 tester node running within CANopen Diag. It becomes an active node on the CANopen network and can produce specified background traffic.

The optional gateway simulation turns the Diag into a CiA 447 gateway.

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